Hydration therapy is a specialized treatment that involves the administration of IV fluids into the bloodstream using an IV bag filled with a mixture of customized fluids and an IV needle.

These fluids contain specific electrolytes, medications, or nutrients that help promote hydration along with other ingredients and additives that can be used to enhance general health.

IV hydration is typically painless after the initial needle stick and in fact, some people even find IV treatment to be relaxing.

People seek out this kind of IV therapy to hydrate more easily than what would be possible by simply drinking water. IV therapy has a long history of effectiveness which is why it’s used so regularly in conventional medicine settings like hospitals and clinics.

IV hydration therapy is a mainstay in conventional medicine because it works. The human body is made up of approximately 60-75% water. Every chemical reaction that occurs in the body takes place in a watery environment.

Hydration IV therapy that has been customized to contain specific nutrients or medications to help you overcome pain or infection, relief from nausea after a heavy night of partying, or to simply improve your overall health.

The Kentucky Ketamine and Hydration Clinic is located in Paducah, KY at 926 Broadway, near the downtown area.


NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme located inside most cells throughout the human body. It plays an essential function in both metabolic and athletic function, as well as brain function.

While we by natural means produce NAD on our own, these kinds of levels go down as you age. Through intravenous infusion, NAD can promote the activation of sirtuin enzymes in the blood stream.

Surfacing evidence implicates that elevation of NAD+ levels might slow down or revert the elements of aging and delay the progression of age-related diseases.



Our NAD+ therapy can rapidly repair certain cells and neurons throughout the human body and brain. It can serve as a catalyst of sorts for brain renovation, and can treat the symptoms of mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and more.


It helps keep our brain in the best possible shape, enhances your ability to remember as well as cognition, and greatly improves mental clarity by enhancing neurological functionality at the cellular level.


Reverses the effects of growing older by stopping and healing DNA destruction that creates tiredness, diminished athletic performance, as well as age-related illness.


It provides your cells the tools they need to help healthy and balanced levels of energy, boost your stamina, boost your mood, vitality and amplify brain functionality.


Helps healthy metabolism functionality which will help you reduce weight, build up healthy muscle mass, maximize stamina and energy, and enhance one’s overall athletic capability.


926 Broadway St.
Paducah, KY  42001


 30 minutes @ $75.00
Stomach Bug, Sun, Exercise, Jet lag, or just plain dehydrated? Come let us give you a boost.
(1L fluids)


 45 minutes @ $100.00
If you had a little too much at that party or Memphis tailgate. Drop in and let us help you feel better fast. We can get you back going again in no time.
(1L fluids, anti-nausea med, anti-inflammatory, b-complex)


45 minutes @ $130.00
No explanation needed if you suffer from chronic migraines. Get in here and let us try and relieve those symptoms.
(fluids, b-complex, calcium, B12, anti-nausea med, magnesium, anti-inflammatory)


 45 minutes @ $135.00
The “Myers’ Cocktail IV” was developed by Baltimore physician John Myers and is trendy among IV therapy spas across the United States. It boosts the immune system, reduces symptoms of fibromyalgia, asthma, fatigue, and seasonal allergies. There’s a reason this is the most popular service at REVIVE!
( fluids, b-complex, b5, b6, b12, calcium, vitamin c, magnesium)


 45 minutes @ $145.00
Great for skin, muscles, organs and bones. Overall energy and immunity boost.

(fluids, b-complex, magnesium, vitamin c)


 45 minutes @ $145.00
Need to prepare for a race or are you pushing your workouts to the max? Athletes and fitness buffs use IV therapy to perform better and recover faster.
(fluids, b-complex, b12, glutathione, magnesium, calcium, vit C)


 2 hours @ $250.00
By replenishing cellular levels of NAD+ via intravenous treatment, it has proven to repair DNA, protect brain cells from damage, reduce inflammation and turn on enzymes that help prevent aging.
(250mg NAD+)


 4 hours @ $500.00

6 hours @ $1,000.00